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(in the language of the original copy)
English translation Collecte_echantillons_teneur_eau2
Reference Identifier 1491
Written by VALETTE, JC
Concerned Units

Wildland fuel description and modelling

Phoenix related ? This reference IS NOT related to Phoenix project
JPG Image Image jpg 16,26 X 12,21

Issued in 04 / 2006 and originally written in French.
To obtain it, please download it directly following this local link (size : 205 ko).

Summary (in the language of the original copy) English summary
Collecte_echantillons_teneur_eau2 Collecte_echantillons_teneur_eau2

Author's complete information

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Centre de Recherches de PACA(National Institute for Agronomic Research, PACA Research Centre)

Address Others
Domaine St Paul, Site Agroparc _
Avignon Cedex 9 84914
Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur
Phone: +33-4-3272_2964
Facsimile: +33-4-3272_2902
Email: jean-charles.valette@avignon.inra.fr
URL : http://www.avignon.inra.fr

IJWF Reference

VALETTE, JC, 2006. Collecte_echantillons_teneur_eau2. Image jpg 16,26 X 12,21

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