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(in the language of the original copy)
Brūlage Formation
English translation Brūlage Formation
Reference Identifier 1521
Written by VALETTE, JC
Concerned Units

Wildland fuel description and modelling
Decision support tools
Urban interfaces management

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JPG Image Image jpg 25,01 X 16,65

Issued in 04 / 2006 and originally written in English.
To obtain it, please download it directly following this local link (size : 421 ko).

Summary (in the language of the original copy) English summary
Brūlage Formation Brūlage Formation

Author's complete information

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Centre de Recherches de PACA(National Institute for Agronomic Research, PACA Research Centre)

Address Others
Domaine St Paul, Site Agroparc _
Avignon Cedex 9 84914
Provence Alpes Cōte d'Azur
Phone: +33-4-3272_2964
Facsimile: +33-4-3272_2902
Email: jean-charles.valette@avignon.inra.fr
URL : http://www.avignon.inra.fr

IJWF Reference

VALETTE, JC, 2006. Brūlage Formation. Image jpg 25,01 X 16,65

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